April Maintenance Release - April 6, 2020

Release Date: April 6, 2020

What's New?

PT - Test Loading Updates in Test Requests
We have changed the default number of visible tests to 200. Any test request with more than 200 tests will be shown in increments of 50 tests. You can click on the "Show next 50 tests" to see the next set of tests. This is to provide faster loading times of a TRF that contains a large dataset.

TRF screenshot with less than 200 tests:

TRF screenshot with 200 or more tests:

Tasks - Pinned Lists!
To be more consistent with Salesforce's user experience, we have adopted "pinned lists".  After you navigate to the ICIX Tasks page, you will see a little pin button next to the list view. 

By clicking on this pin, you will be setting that currently viewed list view as your default list view. Every time you navigate to the ICIX Tasks page after pinning a list view, the default will appear.

Pinned list indicator:

Pinned list (set default) confirmation:

PRM - New Related Product Page for searching and connecting to child products
Over the past few years, we have been utilizing the standard Salesforce UI for creating child records for Related Products. This is how we used to relate one product to another to create a product-to-product relationship.

In this release, you will be prompted with a new UI for searching for and connecting to products so that you can establish your related product relationships. 

When you navigate to the ICIX Products > Related Products related list, you can click on the "New" button to create your new relationship:

After you search for a product, select the check box next to that record and then click "Next":

On this following screen, enter in your related product relationship criteria, and then click "Save":

PT - Update When All Tests are Marked as Exempt
For test requests that get submitted by a verifier that have all tests marked as "Exempt", the Workflow Status will be set to "Pass" and the Regulatory Limit and Brand Limit Summaries will both indicate a "Pass" within the TRF. 

As a requestor of the test request, you can now approve these test requests and a certificate will be generated that includes the complete list of exempted tests.

Bug Fixes

  • PT - Test Result history should not be shown when only 1 version of the result exists
  • PT - User cannot mark a Fail test result as Conditional Pass
  • PT - TRF convert to PDF failed
  • PT - Sorting of Test Class & Test Name is not in order on TRF test result section
  • PT - Printing of TRF with (revised) comment layout is not looking good
  • PT - Failed Test Exempted by Lab showing as FAIL in TRF and PASS in Request.
  • BRM - TP Groups - Error when adding TPs to Group
  • BRM - Application ask for Expiry Date although in Form this field is set to Do not require Expiry date.
  • BRM - Partner ICIX ID not populating in ICIX Documents for a shared document
  • PRM - Search results shows less than 25 records per page when using both filters to search
  • PRM -  Product Groups - Error when adding bulk products in Product Group
  • API - v5.0: Add testing programs > No error validation for invalid "Unit" and "Limit"
  • API - v5 AddProducts - Multiple products can be added with same Universal IDs
  • API - v5 AddTestingPrograms - PT Attributes are not adding through API