TRF - Test Class & Test Name Column

Moving forward with our ICIX Spring '20 Major Release, while you are viewing a Test Request Form (TRF) in Riskonnect, you will see one column for test classes and test names. Depending on a customer's implementation of their testing program in Riskonnect, these two records might be different. We used to display this data as two different columns when viewing the TRF. 

In order to save screen real estate and to improve the overall loading performance of our TRFs, these two columns have been merged into one. You will see the test class above the test name in a single column. If you wish to not view the test classes in the same column, you can deselect the check box for Test Class

Simple definitions:

Test Class - a test class is a higher level name given to a collection of tests that you are testing a product or component for. A test class can include 1 or more tests (test names) in the hierarchy of a testing program.

Test Name - the name of a test that is performed on a product or component