Setting Your Communication Preferences

As a user of Riskonnect ESG, you can choose to receive email notifications for new Riskonnect ESG Tasks or you can turn those emails off.  This is an individual user setting within your Riskonnect ESG environment.

To set your email communication preferences:

  1. In the Riskonnect ESG application, click on the waffle.
  2. From the tab selection menu, click on Riskonnect Application Preferences.
  3. In the Email Notifications and Task Filtering table, select the Tasks tab.
  4. Deselect the type of email you want to either turn on or turn off.
    • Overdue Task Notification - This is an email that will automatically get sent to you when an Riskonnect ESG Task is due "today". You will also receive this email when the original due date is 7 days ago and every 7 days after the original due date.
    • New Task Notification - This is an email that automatically gets sent to you when you have received a new request or an update to a request throughout a workflow.
    • Trading Partner Invitation - This is an email that automatically gets sent to you when a new trading partner connects to you within the Riskonnect ESG Network.

After you make your updates, you will see a green notification indicating that your changes have been saved successfully. If you have deselected one of the notification types, you will not receive automated Riskonnect ESG emails in those scenarios.