June 2021 Maintenance Release - June 27, 2021

Release Date: June 27, 2021

What's New?

Form Builder 2.0 
We now have a new version of the ICIX Form Builder that enables admins to create forms using a much more intuitive tool. If you are an admin creating forms on behalf of your customers, please reach out to your ICIX contact for more details and for training documentation.

Admin - Process Job Schedule: Ability to Slow Down Processing

ICIX System Admins now have the ability to schedule batch jobs to run at a slower frequency. For example, jobs can be scheduled during certain times on certain days of the weekend, or they can reduced and stopped after office hours.

To make this change in your org, navigate to the Process Job object and on the record, there are some fields that you can edit to slow down processing:

Weekend Slowdown:

  • Multi-picklist "Do not run on selected days" - Select to not run Jobs on selected days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

  • Number field “Interval during Weekend”

  • “Frequency during Weekends”

After Office Hours Slowdown:

  • Define Office Hours:

    • After Office Hrs Start

    • After Office Hrs End

  • “Interval during After Office Hours”

  • "Frequency during After Office Hrs"

  • "Do not run during After Office Hours" - Select to not run Jobs during After Office Hr

Admin - Deprecated Primary UBE ID on User Record 
The ICIX ID field on user records is no longer tied to any piece of ICIX Core code. For system admins, you do not need to apply an ICIX ID for your users in order for ICIX to operate.

Forms - Reusing Document Library Fields for Upload Questions
System Admins can now configure upload fields to prompt users to either upload a new file or upload an existing file from their document library when filing out a form. This feature is configurable per question.

API - Product API Supports Custom Fields
The ICIX Product API now supports custom fields in the product hierarchy. For example, users can add a custom field to the ICIX Product object and populate that field with data passed through the API. For more information, please visit api.icix.com for documentation on the new changes.

Global - ICIX Pages Translated in Portuguese
The ICIX Tasks, Document Library, and Request pages now support language translation in Portuguese. 

Forms - Multiple File Uploads in Table and Group Sections
Table and Group Sections in forms can now support the ability for users to upload more than one file per question field.

Bug Fixes

  • Product Test - User is able to submit TRF without picking a lab. Issue resolved.
  • Product Test - DoC printout margin causing print text not shown in the right-hand margin. Issue resolved.
  • Product Test - Blank Product Test Attributes are created during import. Issue resolved.
  • Product Test - User is not able to send Request from Product when you upload a document in a Test Request Form. Issue resolved.
  • Product Test - Users not able to create a New Testing Program when there's lot of user accounts - *Testing Program* notification types in org. Issue resolved.
  • Forms - Users not able to import forms using ICIX migration tool. Issue resolved.
  • Forms - Dependent values are not visible when we toggle YES/NO on parent picklist question. Issue resolved.