October 2020 Maintenance Release - October 19, 2020

Release Date: October 19, 2020

PT - Allow multiple images in a DOC document (CR-1531)
Verifiers can now upload a maximum of 15 images to an upload field in a TRF and we will include all of those images in the generated certificate for a passing test request. Images are shown in the order they are uploaded in the TRF.

PT - Display preview of uploaded files on Form (CR-1560)
Users who are viewing a form and uploading files to upload questions can now optionally view a preview of the files they have uploaded. By selecting the Preview check box, you will see a small preview of each uploaded image. 

This feature works for both standalone upload questions and also in tables that have an upload question as a column.

Bug Fixes

  • PT - Fixes an issue where CPC certificates were not showing retailer section by default
  • PT - Fixes an issue where images in the DOC for UK were not all appearing correctly
  • PT - Fixes an issue where the DOC for UK was not showing the correct header and footer details