September 2020 Maintenance - September 8, 2020

Release Date: September 8, 2020

What's New?
PT - UK DOC Title and Product Image 
The UK DOC now shows the correct title and product image when generated from a TRF.

PT - Request Cancellation and Comments from ICIX Tasks Page 
For only 3-actor Product Test request does ICIX allow you to cancel the request from the ICIX Tasks page. When you have received a response back from your trading partner you will see an ICIX Task with a Cancel button in the task action bar. By clicking on Cancel you will be directed to a request cancellation screen where you can provide a comment for the cancellation. After you confirm the cancellation, the request will be closed and your comment will be added to the record and your trading partner will be updated with a cancellation task.

PT - Test Methods in Printable PDFs 
With this release, you are now able to include test methods for each test item in the printable PDF. 

By selecting "Show Test Method" above the test results table, you will notice the test methods (if configured) appear alongside the test items in the table. When you choose to save the TRF as a PDF, the test methods will be included that generated PDF. This is in addition to the test classes and test categories.

PT - Default view of Test Results Panel (CR-1458)
In this release, admins can configure what data sets to include in the test results panel. As an admin, per form, you can choose to show/hide Test Categories, Test Classes, and Comments by default when your users are sending out test requests.

BRM - Create Requests from Accounts and Trading Partner Relationships
Related to the Accounts object and Trading Partner Relationships objects is the Requests related list. By going to either location of the Requests related list, you can click on "New" and the request creation page will appear with that trading partner pre-filled for you in as the main recipient.

Bug Fixes

  • PT - Fixes an issue where admin users are unable to add a "Note" to a test item in the Product Test Manager. Issue resolved.
  • PT - UK DOC - Fixes an issue where the proper title and product image are not being included the certificate generation logic. Issue resolved.
  • PT - Certificates - Fixes an issue where certificates are not generating if there is a long summary of failures. Issue resolved.
  • API - Fixes an issue where the description of the call is being updated when not referenced in the payload. Issue resolved.