Spring '20 Major Release - v3.52 - February 24, 2020

Release Date:  February 24, 2020

Release Overview

What's New?

PRM - New Product Universal ID Type: JAN 
To accommodate our customers who are communicating with trading partners in relation to products using the Japanese Article Number (JAN), we have added this value into the ICIX Product Universal ID Type field. This field can be used along with UPC, EAN, ISBN, and GTIN product identifiers.

TRF - Test Pagination 
When Test Request Forms (TRF) contain more than 50 tests, the performance and usability when providing test results can be degrading. We are introducing test pagination, where we will show up to 50 test per page (by default). If the total number of tests is greater than 50, those tests will fall onto a new page, which can be accessed via the page selector widget. 

  • Users can use pagination (bottom of the test results table) of test results to load additional testing items

  • If test count is greater than 50, there is a page changer that enables you to load additional testing items

  • Test View Filters - users can filter out tests based on test result such as Pass, Fail, Information Only, etc.

PTM  - Units for Product Test Limits
We've added units for you to use in the Product Test Manager that will flow through to your test requests for your connected verifiers to provide their testing results.

"%", "%/cell", "°C", "°F", "dB","as/kg", "Bq/kg", "m",  "dm",  "cm",  "mm", "in", "in/s", "m2", "dm2", "cm2", "mm2", "m3", "cm3", "mm3", "ml", "L", "kg", "g", "mg", "µg", "lbf", "lbs", "g/kg", "g/L", "g/m2", "g/ml", "IA", "CFU", "CFU/g (CFU/ml)", "CFU/100ml", "Joules", "Joules/cm2", "mg Cd/kg", "mg lead/kg", "mg Pb/kg", "mg/item", "mg/m2/h", "mg/100g", "mg/cell", "mg/dm2", "mg/g", "mg/kg", "mg/L", "mg/m3", "mg/m3 (ml/m3)", "µg/100ml", "µg/cm2", "μg/cm2/week", "µg/dm2", "µg/m2", "µg/m3", "μg/m3 in 48h", "MPN/g", "N", "ohm/cm", "pH units", "ppb", "ppm", "psi", "seconds", "minutes", "hours", "N/A", "mg of each listed substance per litre of the aqueous simulant."

Reports - Generally Available Reports for Responders and Verifiers
In this release, responders and verifiers will have access to reports that pull in request and workflow status. Some of these reports are specific to Product Test, where users will be able to see the current state of a test request they are responding to throughout its lifecycle.

We have removed all of the older reports that are out-of-date for our Trading Partner community. These reports will be placed with 2 simple reports:

  • ICIX Product Requests by Workflow Status
  • ICIX Requests - Open/Closed Status

API - Unknown Component Test Results
In some use cases, you may have testing program requirements that require your testing verifier and/or trading partner to provide a list of components that make up your finished product. These components may not be known to you, so to provide a way for you to collect this data and the tests that were performed on each component, we are enabling this data to be collected via v4.0 and v5.0 of the ICIX API.

This API enhancement compliments the ability to enter in these “unknown” components manually. Please visit www.api.icix.com for documentation on this API update.

Product Test - Allow Non-Detect Pass for Quantitative Responses in PTM
Users can now mark tests that don’t require actual values as “Non-Detect Pass”.

Product Test - Field History for Tests in TRF Table Component
Field updates made to test results throughout submission and rejection cycles are now captured for historical purposes.

To view historical changes made to test items, click on the drop-down indicator in the History column.

Requests - Naming Convention Definitions
When creating a new request, you can now append the Product Name and/or Trading Partner name to the name of the request. 

Known Bug: You cannot choose a product group and have the product name and/or trading partner name appended to the request names. This issue will be addressed in a future release.

TRF - Add Tests Based on Product Test Attributes 
For customers who are utilizing Product Test Attribute assignments in their testing programs, you can now use these attributes, along with pre-loaded tests, to add additional tests that are required for your product's testing during the pre-fill stage when creating a new request.

DOC Updates for Updated Regulations (CR-1336)
We've made some regulation changes to the DOC. These are small layout and ordering changes and we have removed a few items that are no longer needed to be reported on.