September 2022 Maintenance Release - September 19, 2022

Release Date:  September 19, 2022

General Updates:

  • PRM - Updated  functionality around Product Groups for request stability and updated how we manage group membership so that large numbers of products can be grouped together.
  • Admin - Added internal APIs for requests to be reopened and added a packaged permission set for API Only users.
  • ESG - Converted the last remaining internal object and field labels from ICIX to Riskonnect ESG.

Bug Fixes

  • PT - Fixes an issue where the Approve and Retest CAR page was throwing an exception for too many records.
  • PT - Fixes an issue where some of the form comments are hidden from view when they the form becomes too large.
  • PT - Fixes an issue where no data is being added to the generated COC certificate when the "Customize" button is used.
  • Forms - Fixes an issue where option lists used as picklist values is not showing the full list.
  • Forms - Fixes and issue where picklist options are not loading with more than 1000 answer options.
  • Requests - Fixes an issue where an exception is logged when auto-approvals are used for both 2-actor and 3-actor workflows.