May 2021 Maintenance Release (v3.107) - May 2, 2021

Release Date: May 2, 2021

What's New?

Requests - Reopening Closed Requests

Previously, we only allowed reopening of requests for 3-actor PT workflows. With this release, users can reopen any type of 2-actor and 3-actor workflow in order to make a workflow modification.

  • Only users with the ICIX Admin User and ICIX Power User can reopen a request.

  • These users will see the Re-Open button on the ICIX Task List and Task View Page located on the request page layout (if configured).

    • The Button should be Visible on the Task View Page section on Request Details Page Layout under valid circumstances .

  • Only requests that have been set to the following can be reopened:

    • Request Status = Closed

    • Workflow Status = Approved, Pass, or Fail

  • Cancelled requests cannot be reopened
    • If a test request has a corrective action related to it, the corrective action and its parent TRF cannot be reopened.

    • Corrective Actions cannot be reopened
      • Once we have corrective actions sent out, the parent TRF cannot be reopened.

      • If no corrective actions are sent out, user can reopen the closed request.

  • There is a "Reopened” check box on workflow object to indicate a workflow has been re-opened by an ICIX Admin User or ICIX Power User.

    • The check box gets set to true when the Request is reopened. If the request comes back and approved, the check box will be set to True.

    • Nice-to-have: keep track of how many times it was reopened - new field? (last modified)

    • Reopen button will not be visible if the request reached the max number of rejections.

PT - Published Forms for Retest Logic 

We have put some restrictions in place for product test retests that prevent "bad" request from happening.

  • After a corrective action is approved, user can select Accept and Retest or Accept Failed Responses.
  • When the user clicks on Accept and Retest:

    • If there is an active published form, this form will be sent.

    • The previously published, but now unpublished form will not be sent out. If this is the current setting, the user will be prompted with the error message, "Please contact ICIX Support - No Active TRF found."

    • If there are multiple versions of the same product test request form,  the latest published version of the TRF related to the testing program will be sent out in the retest.

PRM - Upload ICIX Products, Related Products, and Purchase Orders by .CSV Files 
Users can now upload a .csv file to create ICIX Product, Related Product, and Purchase Order records right from within the ICIX application.

By going to ICIX Products > New, there is now a button that says, "Upload .CSV File". When you click on this button you will be prompted to upload a .csv file containing the data related to object records you wish to create.

BRM/PRM - Updated Relationship and Group Pages for a Better User Experience
We have optimized the user experience of our create and edit relationships pages. None of the existing content has changed, but the overall look and feel has been updated to be more responsive and easier to use.

  • Trading Partner and Product Group Edit Pages

    • Replaced existing tabs interface with a single screen where Status, Type, Tags, and Attributes can be seen in a single view.

    • Optimized code for calculating members and comparing which should be added / removed

  • Relationship Attributes, used in Partner Groups, Product Groups, and Product Relationship pages:

    • Now a simple table with the attribute selection in first column, and its value in the 2nd column (can be entered as text , picklist or multi-picklist)

PT - Certificates Without Tests Will Not Get Generated 

We now restrict blank certificate generation if no protocols are tested for a product.

Previously all cert gets generated when:

  • A testing program is set to have multiple certificate templates and all the template are assigned under the testing program product object.

A product could be tested for different protocols and the certificate batch will now only pick the template where protocols are tested in the latest TRF or custom parameter “UPR ID + Request ID”.

API - Set Product Test Method Now Supports Product Test Attributes Assignment 

Setting product test in the ICIX Product API v4.0 and v5.0 now enables users to allow user to specify Product Test Attributes. These parameters will create Testing Program Product Attribute.

Bug Fixes

  • PO API v5.0 null exception when quantity is a blank string. Issue resolved.
  • Lab address is missing when multi-picklist is used as lab selection. Issue resolved.
  • Testing Lab Account records does not get created with PT request reaches responder org. Issue resolved.
  • No request is sent when QE User uploaded an attachment in TRF. Issue resolved.