Winter '19 Major Release - v3.43 - January 13, 2020

Release Date:  January 13, 2020

Release Overview

What's New?

CRE for BRM - Due Dates for Rules
You can now set up default due dates for form validity rules that you create under the CRE for BRM. This functionality is very similar to the default due dates you create for setting up TP Group Requirements. We have default values such as 14, 30, 60, and 90 days. When the requests get sent out for expiring documents/forms, the due dates will be set based on the trigger date and the due date values you specify for each form validity rule.

In this release, you can now take advantage of refactored services for pushing and updating product in ICIX via v5.0 of the API.

API documentation is available at

Some of the updates we have made are:

  • Support for Attributes in the PO API
    • We added some default PO Attribute record in our package for use in our API: Source System, Department, Class, Sub-Class, Sub-Category, Distribution Region
  • Refactored Add Products (Upsert) Service
  • Add Products (Replace) Service
    • We now have the ability to replace products instead of removing and adding new ones in our API
  • Product Testing Manager (PTM) Services
    • Testing Program
      • External IDs
      • Active From - Required (Not editable)
      • Active To - (Can be valid up to a year)
      • Testing Result Validation Period - Required
      • Active - Any edits to testing program makes it inactive.
      • Display Sample/ Defective Size - Field Name: Is Certification Program - True/False
      • Allow Conditional Pass - Field Name: ICIX_V1_Is_Conditional_Pass_Allowed_c - True/False
    • Test Categories
      • Test Category Name - Required
    • Product Test
      • Product Test Name
      • Test Class
      • Test Name
    • Product Test Attributes
    • Product Test Limits
  • Product Test Manager Attributes to the Lab API (GetRequest)
    • Integration users now have the ability to view attributes related to the product lines in a GetRequest call.

Product Groups - Multi-Sourcing Enhancements
To satisfy customers running compliance programs that deal with their products being multi-sourced from different trading partners, we have modified our product group requirements engine. Product Groups look at all of the relationships you have with a given product, and will send off the proper requests for your requirements set for the product groups those products are members of. This includes our deduplication logic.

Requests - Auto-Approvals
Sometimes certain forms that you use to collect data/documents don’t require manual approval or rejection. This feature enables you to configure requests that use a certain form to be automatically approved when the request is returned from our responder community. No tasks and no emails will be created for users for these automatically approved requests.

Forms - Additional Pre-Fillable Fields 
The person using the form builder will be able to select the standard object associated with the field that they need to be pre-filled into a Form Question's Answer Option.

Product Test - Product Test Attributes - Full Release 
Instead of manually applying tests to products, you can now utilize product test attributes, which will automatically assign tests to products based on attributes that are assigned to products. Product Test Attributes can be used to tag tests with values that drive test-to-product assignment. Instead of assigning an entire category of tests to a product for use in a test request, Product Test Attributes are a way of filtering out only those tests that meet certain requirements.

PT - Watermarks for Product Test Certificates 
If you want to add a custom watermark per certificate, you can do so by uploading an image into Salesforce Files and then go into the Product Test Manager and select the image you want to use.

General UI/UX Updates

  • Account Search - search results appear on the same page
  • TP Groups and Product Groups - required fields show as mandatory 
  • Create New ICIX Product - search results appear on the same page
  • All button actions - we have cleaned up some spacing around action buttons on all pages
  • UX Stencil Update - the ICIX Tasks page now shows the proper loading template before displaying results

PT - Start and End Dates for Tests in the PTM
The Product Test Manager now has two new standard fields added to test records and displayed in the PTM within a category: Start Date and End Date. These two fields do not have any business logic tied to them within the application. They are purely for reporting purposes that customers can use to manage their future matrix updates over time.

Unknown Component Testing in TRF and Lab API
As a Verifier through manual input or through the v5.0 API, you can add testing information against each Component/Part of the product so that each part can be analyzed for product safety.

In the Test Request Form, a table can be configured during ICIX Product Test implementation to capture product component information. Some examples of this include a component ID number, component name, location, style, etc.

Within the Test Results table in the TRF, the provided component information can be referred to by the verifier as supplemental data.