February 2022 Maintenance Release - February 21, 2022

Release Date: February 21, 2022

What's new?

Forms - Translations
For customers that wish to translate form names, tabs, sections, and question labels into other languages, admins can provide translations of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. The default language that all users will see when opening up a form is English.

To provide translations in the form builder, enter the Edit Question mode, and select the TRANSLATIONS tab in the panel. Select the language you want to provide a translation for. In Title, provide the translated label and then click Save.

Users will have the ability to select which language to translate the form into. If the admin does not provide any translations for at least one label, then that language selection will not show up in the Languages toggle button on the top right of the opened form.

The screenshot below demonstrates what a translated label might look like:

Requests - TPR Name instead of Account name when issuing requests
Admins can configure their org to use the Trading Partner Relationship (TPR) name instead of the account name when populating the generated request name using the Trading Partner check box on the request page.

To configure this setting, go to Salesforce Setup > Custom Settings > ICIX Settings > Manage. Set the Use Trading Partner Relationship Name to true.

ICIX Tasks - Filter based on Trading Partner Tags
We've added an additional filter on ICIX Tasks list views: Trading Partner Tags.

To filter an ICIX Tasks list view based on Trading Partner Tags, go to ICIX Tasks > Edit List View or New List View and select an available trading partner tag. If you are not using Trading Partner Tags in your org, then you will not be able to see any to select from.

ICIX Tasks - ICIX Tasks code has been refactored for optimal performance
We have optimized the loading time for ICIX Tasks. Instead of querying the Request, Workflow, Container, and Tasks objects, we are querying the Workflow object only to provide  a faster overall user experience and to prevent unnecessary task records from being created in the backend which has caused data storage to be consumed and erroneous user setup issues.

Forms - Form Logos now supported
Customer can now apply their company logo in the top right corner of forms. This logo will be visible for all parties collaborating on the same form in a workflow.

To add a logo to a form, go to Edit Form > Edit Form Template > in the panel select a logo from the Logo list > Click Save. If you want to provide a new logo, please upload the file into the Salesforce Files object and expose it in the ICIX Public Library.

Forms - Section Sorting 
Users can now sort rows in either tables or repeatable sections by clicking on column headers. By clicking on the column headers, users can sort rows of data either ascending or descending based on the values in their respective columns.

Forms - Section Filtering
Admins can now configure table and group sections to include section filtering. By configuring a question to be used as a section or table filter, users will see a panel above the section or table that indicates which field is filterable based on a value provided.

Forms - Color Highlighting based on values and formulas (2-actor WF only)

We now provide admins with the ability to color highlight a field based on either a selection in a picklist, a text string inputted into a text question, or based on a formula field's end result. Color Highlighting can be accessed in the Edit Question mode and by selecting the Advanced tab in the properties panel. See screenshots below: