January 2023 Maintenance Release - February 13, 2023

Release Date:  February 13, 2023

What's new?

PT - Testing Lab can be updated during 3-Actor PT Workflow
Testing Labs, or verifiers, can now reject a 3-Actor Product Test request back to a trading partner if there is a need to have the product tested by another lab.

When a testing lab rejects a form, we now let the responder choose a different testing lab in the TRF. After the change is made and the form is submitted, the new testing lab will receive the request and the requestor will be notified of the lab change.

Forms - Ability to define headers and footers in forms
Users can now add custom headers and footers to forms (Container Templates).

When accessing the Form Builder, users can define the header and footer details by using the Rich Text formatting section. There is no image support at this time, but users can provide HTML parameters to indicate how test should be displayed on the form.

Header and footer details will be included in downloadable PDF versions.

Forms - Updated packaged ESG forms
We've made some minor updates to the Social Baseline and Environmental Baseline forms to address some grammar and typo issues.

Bug fixes

  • Forms - Fixes an issue where answer labels for default answer options on search and multi-search question types are not displaying.
  • Forms - Fixes an issue where a user cannot clone forms with more than 5000 answer options.
  • Forms - Fixes an intermittent issue for some forms where table data was misaligned and not loading properly for the end user.
  • Tasks - Fixes an issue where the received date on the Riskonnect Tasks page does not match the Workflow Received Date.
  • Tasks - Forms now display date and datetime answers based on adjusted UTC times.
  • BRM/PRM - Fixes an issue where a requestor user can approve a form while bypassing required field validation in a form.
  • BRM/PRM - Packaged email notifications now include the new Riskonnect Customer Support Portal link.
  • PT - Fixes an issue where a testing lab is seeing duplicate request statuses when test requests are returned to verifier.